Upcoming exhibitions 

Evocations at Errant ArtSpace,

975 Alston Street, Victoria, BC


From April 15th until May 1st Peggy will be hosting a solo exhibition of her recent work at Errant ArtSpace in Victoria, BC. Evocations are the visual responses to environmental phenomena in the artist's life and during the painting process itself. While the artist endeavours to create in abstraction, avoiding reference to illusion, sensitivity is attuned to internal and external events.

 The public is welcome to attend this opening show on April 15th from 6 - 8 pm. Quieter, more Covid-safe viewing is available on weekend afternoons and by appointment. Please email - mspeggybell@gmail.com

Project Art Toronto presents Surfacing at Twist Gallery, Toronto

Early June - 2022


Ewas Stryjnik, art educator and director of PAT has curated this exhibition featuring 22 emerging artists who work or have worked at the Project Art Studios in Queen West, Toronto. Twist is a beautiful gallery space on Queen West at Dovercourt Road and promises to show this work well. Stay tuned.