A loose watercolour painting of a sleeping child in a person's hands

Summer 2018


Back in the 1980s the Ontario College of Art and Design was in flux. It was actually just called the Ontario College of Art. Representational art was more or less frowned upon but the Graphic Arts and Experimental Arts were big.  Someone before my time had gone into the fine Art Department and destroyed all the antique plaster casts. I spent 4 years drawing and painting the nude. I received the Nora E Vaughan award for best woman painter. That's where I fell in love with oil paint which is still my medium of choice.

After college I worked for an art supply store, married and had two lovely daughters. I love children so I decided to teach.I taught art. I loved the young people who grew wise before my eyes. One of my favourite poets is Rainer Maria Rilke. I especially loved his poem, "For the Sake of a Single Verse" (1910), The Noteboooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. Ben Shahn, an American artist actually adapted the poem to a prose piece that instructed young artists to achieve a varied and open minded liberal education. Both poems made a huge impression on me.  I learned from them that one needed varied, mature human experience in order to create art that respectfully depicts the depth of our humanity. 


I have always kept my hands in painting but there is some regret of having missed precious time as an artist. Now that I am working full time at painting I hope that my life experience will shine through what I do. So far I think it has been worth it.